Folded Insert

Including a folded insert on a notebook page is a great way to expand your content, especially when you want to add something that is preprinted – like a map or a drawing. This foldout works for many situations when you need to add related information.

As I have previously shared, I’m always intrigued with foldouts in books. Foldouts are an easy way to make your notebook pages interactive, even if just for yourself.

Contents is initially hidden (except for the cover section)

For this foldout the content is hidden initially, until the foldout is opened. As a result, it is possible to write notes or draw on the outside (when folded). You won’t lose any page space with this foldout. Except for the one quarter that must be adhered to the notebook page, you can utilize both sides of the paper.

I used version of my zine on sketchnoting for this example. If you inserted a page printed on one side, you could use the other side for notes. Using this foldout does require a bit of content planning since the folded insert has to be glued to the notebook page, especially if arranging the content before printing.

Pages 1-4

Like most origami, this foldout must be square. The other essential for adding this foldout is glue. The instructions are below. This foldout can be used as a decorative handout, like a menu or program, but these instructions are designed to add this to your notebook.

Page 5

These instructions are designed to add the insert to left-side pages. To add to a right-side page, fold the opposite way, as shown in the smaller diagram. This is an easy origami project to fold.

Page 6

The dimensions of the folded insert are half of the open insert. Since my small pocket notebook is 3.5×5.5 inches, the maximum size unfolded – with some allowance for margins – is 5.5 inches and folds to 2.75 inches squared.

Folding instructions

Other foldouts

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