Sketchnotes Mini Workbook

I first learned about sketchnotes a few years ago, but only started applying the concepts in 2016. Sketchnotes is a visual style of note taking that incorporates visual elements, page organization and text for notes. View my #sketchnotes series for more posts.

While brainstorming content for more zines to include as part of the #zineseries, I decided to repurpose and update some previous content on sketchnotes to create the zine displayed below.

A zine is a small 8-page magazine created by folding a regular sheet of paper. Many uses exist for the zine format, but I’ve found that it is perfect for sharing small amounts of information about a topic.

Click the image below to download a PDF of the mini workbook on sketchnotes (and folding instructions).

View all of the posts in this zine series.

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