Add a Twisted Foldout to Your Notebook

Continuing with the series of posts on foldouts, this is a slightly-more complicated set of folds which results in the four corners of a 4×4 grid being displayed. Unfolding will twist the foldout and reveal the full grid.

Drawing Reference

I decided to create a drawing reference sheet, which I created in Procreate. The different elements are those I use in various sketchnotes. Please visit my Instagram for sermon sketchnotes. Included in my reference are different variations of basic headshots, various banners, body proportions and a facial expression grid.

The Foldout

As with other foldouts, the size of the foldout depends on the page size of the notebook. My Moleskine pocket notebook 3.5 x 5.5 inches. Thus, allowing some room for margins, I determined that the square paper size for this foldout should be 5.5 inches squared, resulting in a finished size (folded-in) of 2.75 inches squared.

Below is the folded-in version (top) and folded-out version (bottom).


Below are the instructions I created in Procreate for this foldout. You can also see my initial version of the instructions in the pictures above.

Folding the first three sections is straightforward, but a bit of tucking-under is required to complete the look. The result is a unique foldout that provides some information without unfolding.

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