Library Pocket Card

Though books in libraries are now typically checked out using a barcode, the old fashioned library card pocket is an extremely useful addition to your note book. In this post I’ll share my process to create these useful addition to your notebook.

Before the online era in which we now live, libraries only consisted of shelves of printed books. I remember that each year as an elementary student we would get a tutorial from the librarian on how to use the card catalog, which consisted of three cards for each book: author, subject and title.

When we students found books and wanted to borrow them, the librarian would take the date due card from the back of the book, where it was stored in the card’s pocket, and stamp a date, usually two weeks from the checkout date.

Library Card Pocket

The library card pocket is convenient to …

  • Store templates
  • Keep receipts and papers
  • Hold any quick reference cards or a small template

Since the pocket will be glued to a page, the pocket doesn’t need a back side, just tabs for gluing. This design consists of the front and tabs on the sides and bottom.

  • Print this PDF onto card stock.
  • Cut on the solid lines.
  • Fold on the dotted lines.
  • Place glue on the areas as marked.
  • Align the pocket on the desired page and press down to securely adhere to the page.

This modification is newer for me, but I’ve added one to my regular planner that I keep on my desk and to my field notes, which I carry in my back pocket.

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