Magnetic Bookmarks

The small notebooks I use must withstand the wear and tear of transport via my back pocket and are opened often. For that reason, I cannot use any bookmarks or tabs that stick out beyond the covers. In this post I’ll share where to find and ways to use magnetic bookmarks.

I’ve previously written about ways to bookmark pages. These include self-adhesive notes, tabs and marking. Another useful addition to these options is the magnetic bookmark.

These bookmarks consist of a thin strip of magnet with a crease in the center, so it can be folded over a sheet. The two halves of the bookmark are attracted to each other magnetically, keeping the bookmark secure in the notebook.

The bookmarks are easy to find in a notebook but are not too thick. I use at least one in each of my various notebooks.

Some magnetic bookmarks are more decorative and don’t serve any additional purpose other than a bookmark.

Other bookmarks are designed to function as rulers too.

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