Masu Box Cube with Lid

My Masu Origami Box post provides instructions on how to create a practical container from one sheet of square paper. The traditional masu box has a number of uses.

I recently returned from a trip to London, UK, and saw a cube box made from starched cloth. After a few internet searches on how to fold a cube-style box, I found some good references from which I created the video below.

The cube-style box is based on folds using thirds. The traditional masu box is based on folders to the center, as you’ll see in the video. Additionally, the first step of folding the paper in half in both directions (to create a 2×2 grid) also simplifies the final steps of folding the box.

Refer to the video to complete the cube box base

For the video, I used 6” x 6” paper for the base and 4 3/8” x 4 3/8” paper for the lid (which is the traditional masu box).

Example of boxes in use (featuring Trader Joe’s candy)
Short video shows steps for base and lid

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