Printing on Post-it Notes

I’ve written about using Post-it notes (name brand)—also known as sticky notes or self-adhesive notes—in a couple of posts …

Post-it notes are also convenient for writing quick reminders and good for brainstorming. I’ve used them in strategic planning sessions for voting on various ideas.

Print on Post-Its

While you obviously can’t just feed self-adhesive notes into your printer, it is possible to print on them. 

Self-adhesive notes come in a variety of sizes and colors. The 2 sizes I use most often are 3×3 inch and 1.5×2 inch.

Post-it notes on a Moleskine Art Sketchbook

To print on self-adhesive notes, you must secure them to a sheet to run them through the printer. My process uses 2 sheets. The first is a template with printed lines which helps me align the notes. The second is the same template but without any lines. I built the templates using a table.

I type any desired images and text on the template without printable lines. In the templates below, you’ll see I designed a space around the notes. This gives me a margin of error so I don’t have to perfectly align the notes. In the space, you’ll also see that I included some dashed lines to help me find the cells of the table. 

Template for 1.5×2 inch notes
Layout grids for different size notes

Large notes (3×3)

Small notes (1.5×2)

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