Canva Essential Information

As mentioned in my first post on Canva, this graphic design app is essential for most of my projects (including every post here on Notes For Learning). This post answers the question “What do you need to know?”


Canva is available online from a desktop or laptop computer, and accessed through apps on tablets and phones. I accomplish about 90% of my writing, design, planning, and other activities via my iPad, so it is my go-to for Canva as well. However, I find it convenient to use both my laptop and phone from time to time.

Three platforms to access Canva – iPad, iPhone, Laptop

Sign In

The easiest way to access Canva is by signing in through another existing online account. I connected through my gmail account. You can also setup a dedicated username and password for Canva. Signing in provides a lot of features, including sharing designs with others and switching between devices. Having an account is also necessary for upgrade options.

Membership Levels

Canva is one of those rare apps that offer great features for free. The pro level subscription, which is what I use, is $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year. The pro level provides access to more design assets including images, videos, and additional templates. One reason I subscribe to Canva is because it is an excellent source of stock images and videos, at the same level as Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

An enterprise level exists for companies. It is $30.00 per month per license, with a minimum of 25 licenses. Obviously, a pro account is less than half the price, but the enterprise account provides shared work spaces and access to more company branding assets.

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