Canva is a graphic design support tool that I have been using for several years, and I’ll be sharing about it in a series of posts. I started the outline for this series using the five-questions technique. Originally started as “Why is Canva important?” I decided to use the features-advantages-benefits approach, so this first post is on my recommended benefits for using Canva.

Disclaimer (of sorts) …

I am not sponsored by Canva nor do I have any business partnership with the company. Canva is simply a well-designed app that I use for every post published on Notes For Learning and for many other purposes.

Benefits of Canva

Below are seven benefits I believe you will realize by using Canva. I brainstormed this list in Google Keep over a few days. For each benefit, I created a graphic or video using Canva to highlight the some of the different format options available.

Create Graphics Without a Designer

eBook Cover

Stand Out on Social Media

Instagram Story

New Features Added Continually

Facebook Ad

Collaborate Seamlessly


Access Your Products on Any Device

Instagram Post

Repurpose Designs

Twitter Header

Find Stock Images and Video

4×3 Presentation

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