Summary of 2021 Blog Posts

My blog goal every year is to post at least once a week. Some years are more successful than others, as you can see below …

Although COVID-19 generally gets most of the blame for metrics that were off in 2020, I attribute my lack of posts to the process of buying a home, moving, and unpacking.

In 2021 I set a goal of writing a list of 10 items every day (to be covered in a future post). This resulted in a lot more content that I was able to package into blog posts. Below is how the posts for 2021 are categorized, with the number of posts in each category …

Note: Not all categories included


One factor that helped tremendously for 2021 was scheduling posts. I was able to publish several posts early in the year, so maintaining consistency was easier. I hope to follow the same process in 2022 and created a blog planner, with the goal of posting at least 48 times (4 per month).

A year from now, in 2023, it will be interesting to see how 2022 fared.

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