A Series on Zines

Zine is short for “magazine,” but usually zines are micro-magazines and just a few pages in length. They are typically produced with 1-2 sheets of paper folded and cut into smaller pieces.

The format that I find the most useful is a zine comprised of eight pages setup on one letter size piece of paper. As a pocket-size booklet, the zine is a highly portable format with just the right amount of art or inspiration.

Beginning with this post, I’ll be sharing a series of posts on zines, including …

  • How to folder a letter-size sheet into a zine
  • How to create zines
  • Reasons to use the zine format
  • and examples of zines I have created

How to Fold a Zine

The instructions below work with any 8-page zine based on a sheet of paper. The examples show pages of a mini workbook I created from content in my book, Story Secrets from Scripture.

Below is a video of the folding process.

View all of the posts in this zine series.

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