Another Set of Mental Jogging Prompts

In previous posts I reviewed the book Mental Jogging by Reid J. Daitzman, and later share some more games from the book to stimulate the imagination.

Eleven Mental Jogging prompts

The book consists of 365 prompts to stimulate your creativity. Below are ten prompts. These are great to think about while commuting and at parties.

  • Six or more places never to put grass seed.
  • Seven or more reasons not to smell a rose.
  • Seven or more things to think about while descending on a parachute.
  • Six or more ways to produce electricity.
  • Seven or more day dreams everybody has. (Possible answers below.)
  • Seven or more important news events of your parents’ lifetime.
  • Eight or more non-sport uses of a football.
  • Six or more college majors that least interest(ed) you.
  • Eight or more routes from New Orleans, Louisiana to Mexico City, Mexico
  • Nine or more uses of dust.
  • Seven or more uses of bamboo.

Possible answers for Seven or more day dreams everybody has: (The book lists 75 possible answers for this prompt.)

  • 1. Getting into first choice of colleges.
  • 11. Being valuable.
  • 21. Becoming involved in a grandiose scandal.
  • 31. Having a famous face.
  • 41. Lavish clothes in abundance.
  • 51. Real jewels for every occasion.
  • 61. Printing your own money.
  • 71. Being able to fly.

Mental Calesthenics

Mental Jogging also includes twelve mental calisthenics (one for each month) that are more complex mental tasks. The one below is from February.

Sit in a comfortable position in an area of distractions and noises. Take three deep breaths and exhale through your nostrils. Close your eyes and image a BLACK SQUARE, BLACK RECTANGLE, BLACK CIRCLE, BLACK OVAL, and BLACK RECTANGLE. Repeat the exercise, this time make the shapes another color of your choice. Arrange the BLACK shapes alphabetically, from left to right. Make them disappear one at a time. Open your eyes.

Note: don’t close your eyes if driving.

If you are looking for ways to increase your speed of thinking or the volume of ideas as solutions or creative approaches, I encourage to buy Mental Jogging and try some of these exercises.

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