Celebration Activity

Way back in the day — 1980 — Kool and the Gang told us to “celebrate good times.”

Celebration by Kool and the Gang

I’m always on the lookout for team building activities, since I use them for my youth group at church (ages 13-14) and for work. This activity works well in breakout groups and is easy, as most people like to celebrate.

The prompt is …

What are events you can celebrate besides birthdays and holidays?

For my youth group I gave each randomized team a piece of paper and a pen. They had 2 minutes to list as many non-birthday/holiday events as possible. These were the results …

Responses by groups in 2 minutes

Below is the list of possibilities I developed during the week, from both my own ideas and what I found online.

List of ideas I shared

Each group you do this with will come up with different responses. If I did this at work, I’m certain that “retirement” would be added to the list as something to celebrate.

This is a great activity for any age group and setting.

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