Update on my planning system

Back in June I shared that I was moving from a paper-based planning system to a hybrid, with my pocket notebook for my schedule and tasks and Microsoft OneNote for notes.

I tried the new system from July to September, faithfully recording all of my work notes in OneNote and using my pocket notebook for personal notes. However, by the end of September I realized that keeping my notes electronically was not for me. My preference is to use one screen for Outlook and Microsoft Teams and the other screen for developing and editing content. Having to keep OneNote on top, especially when sharing my screen, meant that I often still had to keep notes on paper and transcribe them electronically when meetings concluded.

After a 3-month trial, I purchased a Moleskine Art Sketchbook and resumed keeping notes on paper. I find it convenient to take paper notes. Plus, paper notes provides a blank canvas where I can quickly add sketches or maps (as shown below).

The difference from my original planning system is that I now maintain my calendar in the small, pocket notebook that I carry everywhere and keep only notes in the larger notebook, which stays on my desk.

Any type of planning system – whether a classic bullet journal or fully digital – should be evaluated for effectiveness from time to time.

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