Story Structure Summary

Over the course of 2022 I’ve shared several posts on story structure. I covered various structures in a few posts and also shared my highlights from 2 books.

Story Structures

3 Act Structure – The classic structure introduced in writing by Aristotle.

Modifed 3 Act Structure – Syd Fields split Act 2 and introduced transitions between acts.

7 Part Story Structure – Extracted from a role playing game, this structure centers on plot turns and pinch points.

Pixar’s Storytelling Structure – As shared on Twitter by a former Pixar employee, this fill-in-the-blank sentence will you formulate story ideas.

Hero’s Journey – A modern classic, the idea of the mythic journey that applies to all types of stories.

10-Part Story Structure – A framework I developed while coming up with a top 10 list every day.

Story Secrets from Scripture – The 5-part structure from my book.

Book Notes

Write Your Novel from the Middle

Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t

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