Designing a Card Deck Using Keynote

Although I have access to a Windows-based laptop for my full-time job and occasionally use a MacBook at home, I use my iPad for 95% of my personal digital activity. Since Keynote for iPad has evolved from the early days, I used my iPad to set up the workshop activity card deck based on my book Story Secrets from Scripture.

Like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, the default layout of a presentation is best described as “wide” or “landscape.” A feature of Keynote (and PowerPoint) is the ability to set a custom size. Since my desired card size was to be 3.5 by 5.5 inches and the dots-per-inch required by TheGameCrafter is 300dpi, I created a custom “slide” with dimensions of 1,125 (3.5 x 300 plus 37.5 x 2) by 1,725 (5.5 x 300 plus 37.5 x 2) points. The printing process requires a cut area of 1/8TH inch (37.5 points) on all edges.

Printing from KeyNote

To review the cards, I printed directly from Keynote onto card stock using the four slides per page option and cut them using my papercutter.

Export and Conversion

After I went through several cycles of design, printing and editing, I prepared the card images for uploading at TheGameCrafter. My first step was to save every slide as an image with the setting of JPEG (High Quality).

However, the “high quality” for Keynote is 72 dots-per-inch. I found an online site to convert from 72dpi to 300dpi. At the process is simple – select the new DPI and upload images. The converted images will be displayed for downloading.

I save the newly converted images to DropBox. The next step in my process was to upload the image files for all of the cards to TheGameCrafter site.

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