Secure Envelope

This envelope has an advantage over the simple envelope because it has a more secure pocket for holding paper and other items.

My church has a card team that sends out birthday and anniversary cards to members. They always put small foil confetti that fall out of the envelope and all over when you open the card. I decided to share the love with my sister, whose birthday is 13 days after mine. I scooped up the confetti and placed it in a simple envelope, but the small pieces fell out. That’s when I discovered this envelope through a Pinterest search. A few days before my sister’s birthday, I dumped the confetti from my secure envelope into her birthday card.

The folds in steps 6 and 7 can vary based on your approximation of the fold. As a result, for me, a six-inch square paper will result in a 3 1/8 inch wide envelope. An 8 1/2 inch square paper resulted in a width of 4 5/8 inches.

Happy folding!

One comment

  1. Your Notes for Learning topics are not only very practical, but they are fun! My orgami paper will arrive this week. I can hardly wait! Thank you for sharing.


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