Simple Origami Envelope

I previously shared this envelope in a post for adding storage pockets to your notebooks and as part of a zine series – origami envelopes. I’m sharing it again now as a stand alone post. Since finding this envelope style and adapting it as a storage pocket I’ve discovered additional envelope designs. This is the first of three envelopes in this block of posts.

This envelope features a simple series of folds and can be quickly folded to hold items to share with others. Anything flat will fit nicely … a letter, money, photo, etc. Additionally, you can write on the inside of the envelope itself before folding. A potential use might be to write a letter on the envelope (instead of a using greeting card) and enclose a 4×6 photo of a shared memory that you send send in old-fashioned mail to someone special.

This envelope needs to be enclosed in a standard envelope for mailing. This folded envelope may not be able to stand the rigors of automatic mail sorters and rough postal handling.

When folding, start with the white side of paper facing you, so that the colored/decorative side of the paper is face down on the table.

Envelope Size

Obviously, if you are enclosing a 4×6 photo, the envelope needs to be sized properly. Use this guide to determine the right size envelope for your needs.

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