Use PASTOR to Persuade Any Audience

PASTOR is a copywriting technique developed by Ray Edwards. It can be used for any type of writing or presenting where the goal is to persuade your audience. Visit to learn more about his approach to copywriting.

PASTOR is an acronym that stands for …

  • Pain or Problem
  • Amplify
  • Solution
  • Testimony
  • Offer
  • Response


Identify the pain or the problem that your potential audience has. If your audience doesn’t have the problem that you’re addressing, they won’t be interested in your messaging and solution.


Amplify the pain experienced or the consequences of not solving the problem.

For example, a leaky faucet in a bathroom can result in a cascade of problems:

  • Wet floors
  • Mold growth
  • Decreased house value
  • Detrimental health effects


Now that you have presented worse case scenario of the problem, present your solution.

  • How did you discover or create the solution?
  • Why is your solution the best one to solve the problem?
  • What are the features, advantages and benefits?


Provide personal stories and evidence that shows your solution is effective.

10 Ways to Include Testimonials

  1. Stories
  2. Statistics
  3. Images
  4. Infographics
  5. Charts
  6. Demonstrations
  7. Design/Development details
  8. Direct quotes
  9. Interviews
  10. Case studies


After making the case for your solution or product, tell your audience what you are offering. This includes …

Deliverables – what products they will receive (physical items, services and resources).

Benefits – the transformation that will occur by using your solution or product.


The Response is the Call-to-Action. What do you want your audience or potential customers to do?

Include these details …

  • Specific directions with actions (Click below, Fill out this form, Request your copy)
  • Time limited (urgency) – offer ends tonight
  • Offer of change (benefits)
  • Personalization (you, your, names)
  • Keep it short


Click the image to download a zine of the PASTOR formula in this post. With a few folds and cut, you will have a pocket size booklet on the PASTOR formula.

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