What Is Value Proposition?

For successful customer relationships, you must achieve these elements:

🤝 Resonate – Connect with customers intellectually and emotionally.

🤹‍♂️ Differentiate – Stand out from competing customer options.

📊 Substantiate – Demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction.

All three of these are essential. If one or more is missing, it is unlikely that you can turn a potential customer into an actual customer.

In the graphic below, each of the required elements is displayed at the top. If an element is removed, the likely customer response is displayed.

Resonate. Do prospects believe that your products and services will satisfy their needs? Provide a narrative that addresses basic customer motivations.

Differentiate. If your products or services are similar to others, prospects will decide on cost – which is the least expensive option? Craft products and services that are unique.

Substantiate. If you cannot demonstrate your previous successes through testimonials, case studies and data, potential customers will conclude they can’t risk doing business with you. Capture customer feedback by asking for testimonials and to respond to surveys.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this overview of Value Proposition.

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