Presentation Rehab Mini Workbook

About ten years ago I attended a conference on quality improvement using lean methodology. While most of the presentations were helpful, I found myself making a list of ways presenters could improve their presentations.

One presenter started a story but never finished it. Another one had to go back to her room to retrieve a thumb drive where her presentation was stored. I recall that one individual simply read from his slides without much additional commentary.

On the other hand, one presenter told an amazing story of how he missed a deadly airplane crash in France. He used this story to illustrate how quality in the airline industry has vastly improved over time. Another presenter simply talked without slides about his company’s approach to involving employees in solving problems.

For these last ten years, I have made several attempts to write a book or ebook on various aspects of presentation design and approaches to presenting. Many books exist on these topics, though, so I have also paused my efforts many times.

However, I still attend presentations in business and personal meetings where basic presentation skills are missing. Certain principles exist that can impact a presentation. This mini workbook in the zine format is the essence of presentation design.

This mini workbook along with the mini workbook on story secrets will help you improve how you present.

Click on the image below to download a PDF version of the mini workbook and folding instructions.

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