Origami Business Card Holder

Quick and easy business card holder from paper.

I used to carry business cards with me all of the time. However, more recently, I have not found them as helpful. Occasionally I need to bring a few business cards with me to share with others. Usually these are small networking events. I find more often that I pick up business cards from others when attending conferences, networking events, and meetings.

Many variations of business card holders are available for purchase online. Amazon has a full list of available choices.

I recently came across a business card holder via Pinterest. Made from a square sheet of 8.5-inch paper squared, you can have a holder in just a few minutes that can hold about ten cards. I like this approach because even a paper business card holder provides protection and storage perfect for temporary use. Additionally, paper is disposable. These simple holders can also be used as a way to organize cards received from different events.

Business Card Holder Instructions

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