My New Book

My church has a special time of the worship service dedicated to children. For this story children’s story time, the majority of storytellers are volunteer church members. As a result, variability exists in the stories chosen, the skill of storytellers, and how the audience of children responds.

In thinking about this variation, I put some of my own thoughts on paper. Eventually I had enough thoughts written down to develop a short book. Story Secrets from Scripture is the result.

I am excited to share that the print versions of Story Secrets from Scripture: Develop and Deliver Children’s Stories for Worship, VBS and Bible Study is now available.

Front Cover

From the Back Cover

Long before Aristotle wrote that a story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end, Moses had already applied this structure in the early chapters of Genesis. During His earthly ministry Jesus incorporated the use of parables as His primary teaching technique.

In this book, Story Secrets from Scripture, you will discover why structure in stories is important, how Jesus effectively used parable story teaching, and how you can too. After reading this book you will be able to:

  • Use a simple five-part structure to plan any story
  • Apply Bible-based approaches to introducing and concluding a story
  • Find personal experiences to adapt for use as teaching stories
  • Effectively use props, handouts, and slides
  • Find opportunities to improve and share stories

Included in the book are numerous parables of Jesus and examples of personal stories. While an entire library of books exists on understanding story structure, writing screenplays, and how to improve public speaking by telling stories, Story Secrets from Scripture was specifically written to bring you the essential information you need to refresh your story telling techniques or get started for the first time on the exciting journey of telling short children’s stories.

Upcoming Posts

If you enjoy learning about the parables or Jesus or learning about the craft of storytelling, you will appreciate this perspective of Bible-based storytelling. I will be sharing several posts on my writing journey, including research and publishing.

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