Using Adobe Color Palettes in ProCreate

In Procreate, there are several ways to create colors.

You can use the disc, classic, value or palette. While I have created several palettes, from time to time I like to use a color scheme for sketchnotes.

Adobe has a website dedicated to color palettes that have been created by users of color from all around the world. In the upper left hand corner is a selector to view palettes by most popular, most used and random. You can also filter using different time settings.

For the video below, I chose “most popular” and selected “Gradient Trend 2018.”

In Adobe, when you hover over a palette, you have several options.

In this video I took the following steps to copy and use the color palette using the iPad Pro 2018 model.

  • Click on the information icon when the pop-up menu appears over the color blocks.
  • Take a screenshot using the iPad buttons (sleep and volume-up).
  • Crop the image so just the color block remains.
  • Copy the image and delete the screenshot.
  • Return back to ProCreate.
  • Click Actions (wrench icon), select Add (+), and choose Paste.
  • Click the small white button between the sliders to enter “select a color mode.”
  • Click on the desired color from the copied Adobe palette.
  • When finished with the palette, hide the layer.

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