What is adulting? I started noticing this word recently as a hashtag on Instagram whenever someone I follow would post a picture of some sort of adult-life-related activity.

It turns out that the word adulting is becoming popular.

  • It’s in Urban Dictionary.
  • Merriam Webster has a definition for it.
  • Time calls it Millennials Favorite New Word.

My definition of adulting is: Doing responsible things that require actions independent from your parents and usually require some sort of commitment. Life is full of details that require your attention.

Nothing happens magically. Somehow the cable has to get setup at your place of residence. Governments at local, state, and federal levels expect to receive taxes and fees from you.

I believe this book will answer some of the basic questions you may have about adulting. It is divided into sections on:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Finances
  • Interacting with government, and
  • Insurance. 

After reading this book, you will have a better understanding of the many aspects of adult life.

Adulting: The essential guide to successful adulthood is now available on as a Kindle ebook.

About the Author

Douglas G. Pratt is a life-long learner who resides with his wife and daughter near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Born to teachers (Mom-English, Dad-Computer Technology), Doug writes frequently about more effective ways to communicate and learn. He graduated from Southern Adventist University with a degree in behavioral science and from Middle Tennessee State University with a graduate degree in clinical psychology. Doug shares pictures and infographics on Instagram (@88keys2happiness) and contributes to, a blog with posts covering technology, communication, note taking and learning.

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