Dot Grid Paper

I have used a variety of notebooks throughout the years. Once I transitioned from pre-formatted journals to a bullet journal-style blank notebook, I experimented with different styles of notebooks.

What is dot grid paper?

Blank, grid, and dot grid are probably the most popular options for notebooks.

Since I’ve been making my own notebooks, I decided to explore dot grid paper. I like the dot grid because it provides enough structure to draw straight lines and mark out areas, but does not interfere with readability. Most dot grid layouts are arranged with dots every 5mm.

In search of printable dot grid paper

I search for “printable dot grid paper” and several results came back. I also found instructions on creating printable dot grid paper. These two are good ones …

Even though both of these worked, I decided give creating it a try. I explored various online guidance including setting up paper in Word, Excel, and Google Sheets.

Word seemed the easiest, but it took me about 25 test sheets to get the space right when using a computer running Windows. On my Mac, the same spacing that worked for Windows didn’t work.

Text settings for 5mm dot grid spacing
Paragraph settings for 5mm dot grid spacing

Below is a link to my printable version, which has no watermark.

Creating a notebook

Since my goal was to create a notebook with dot grid paper, I printed the dot grid pattern onto the card stock I used for my pocket notebooks.

Unbound signatures with dot grid pattern
Test writing using the Gettysburg address and pangrams

Below is the final result in the completed notebook …

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