Genius Scan App

I’ve been using Genius Scan by The Grizzly Labs since 2010. According to the Apple app store, this app is #32 in the business category. The preview lists these benefits …

  • A scanner in your pocket
  • Create multi-page PDF documents
  • Share and export wherever you are
  • Organize and backup your documents

I use Genius Scan for a variety of purposes, including …

Feature Mind Map

Below is a mind map I created of basic Genius Scan features. The number sequence indicates the order to create (1), edit (2), and filter (3) a scan. The final step is to export (4) the scan, either as a PDF or jpeg (I use Google Keep for conversion to text).

Mind Map of Genius Scan


For the video below, I scanned the cover of Story Secrets from Scripture, with export to my photo library.

Genius Scan vs ?

Apple’s iCloud and DropBox both have embedded scanning capabilities. However, I prefer Genius Scan because it seamlessly integrates both PDF and JPEG exporting.

Genius Scan is one of my essential apps.

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