Take-aways from Storyworthy

In my search for books on the art of storytelling, I came across Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks. I read it a couple of years ago and made several notes on a 4×6 index card. I re-read it again this year, highlighting several passages. I also added self-adhesive paper bookmarks to all pages with helpful information.

Below are my key take-aways from the book.


Storytelling [is about] personal narrative. You can’t become the life of the party by telling a good folktale. P25

Your story must reflect change over time. P26

Is the story that you craft for the stage, the boardroom, the sales conference, or the Sunday sermon similar to the story you would tell a friend at dinner? P33

If I had to tell a story from today … what would it be? P42

All great stories … tell the story of a five-second moment in a person’s life. P99

Find the opposite of your transformation, revelation, or realization, and this is where your story should start. P117

“And” stories have no movement or momentum. “But” and “therefore” are words that signal change. P197

Storytelling is … about bridging the gap between you and another person by creating a space of authenticity, vulnerability, and universal truth. P213

Other Notes

Always provide a physical location for every moment of your story.

Each story should be about one thing.

Stories from small moments will connect better – shared experiences resonate.

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