Take-aways from Draw To Win

I’ve written several posts about sketchnotes. Draw to Win by Dan Roam uses similar concepts to enhance business presentations by incorporating live drawing to share concepts and engage audiences. The book is especially geared toward sales and persuasion.

Below are key take-aways, including some visual elements and quotes I found helpful.


7 Ways to Engage the Eye

What to Draw




Whenever our team went into a business pitch with an insightful picture already prepared and ready to show the client, we won the engagement. P28

When you draw an object, the mind becomes deeply, intensely attentive. P14

If you want to enter just about any conversation today, you need to be visual too. P7

Anytime you’re trying to get someone to take a new action, you’re selling. P109

Leave some room in the drawing for your prospect to contribute to the chart. “At that point, the drawing is no longer yours; it’s your prospect’s.” P122

Instead of bringing prepared drawings, commit the drawing “to memory and practice drawing it a few times while narrating your thoughts. … Draw the picture from memory, explaining as you go. This is pure magic, and forms a sales bond unlike anything else.” P123


This is a great reference that I will keep and share with others.

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